How to Make a Classical Guitar from Scratch

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My name is
Pablo Requena

My name is Pablo Requena and I was born in Malaga, Spain and moved to Sussex in the UK to learn English in 1997 where I started my career as a guitar maker.

I had always been interested in the guitar as an instrument, from the range of music it produces to the way it is constructed. My passion, right from the start had been to find out how the old masters constructed their guitars, what made them so special and what techniques they would have used to implement their ideas.

I enjoy working with my hands and finding ways of simplifying jobs, using jigs to find consistency and accuracy in the work I do.

Often I use tools like routers and bandsaws etc, but I really enjoy the making process when I can do things with my hands, even if it takes a bit longer. Attention to detail is very important to me as it reflects the high standards that I am trying to achieve with my instruments.

Over time I have been very fortunate to repair and restore instruments from great makers like Torres, Hauser, Santos Hernandez, Ramirez and many others which have greatly influenced my work.

I build my guitars with the player in mind and my aim is to find a way to build an instrument so that the first reaction from the player is “Wow!”. The two main things that I focus on as a maker are the beauty of the tone and the playability.

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