How to Make a Classical Guitar from Scratch

With Pablo Requena´s Guitar Making Course

Sneak Peek Video

In this short 8 minute video you will get a taste of the content of this course.
Also as you scroll further down the page, you will find Video No. 4 which is available for FREE.  This gives you the opportunity to have an in-depth look at one of the chapters, helping you to decide if this is the course for you.

How to Make a Classical Guitar

The course

In this series of videos you will find a detailed instruction of the complete guitar making process. A total of 41 hours of footage will allow you to see first hand how I build a classical guitar with detailed explanations of every single job needed with no step overlooked. The end result will be a dream guitar that you have built by yourself starting from the raw materials all the way through to putting the strings on. 

The course does not include the polishing process as this requires a different skill set and there are a few different options you can use for polishing. However, on my YouTube Channel there is a 9 part free video series explaining everything you need to know about French polishing.

This course can be streamed making the individual chapters or the whole course available on your computer and other devices so that you can build your own classical guitar in your own workshop at your own convenience!!

How to buy the course?

The course is made up of 26 chapters which you can purchase individually or as a complete course. Video number 4 is available for free, giving you an opportunity to check out the style, quality and detailed teaching, enabling you to decide if this is the right course for you.

Video 4 is available for free

Two Additional Videos to Help you Build your Guitar

The Solera Mould and The Bending Jig are two of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need to build your guitar. In these four hour-plus videos you will be given easy to follow instructions, information and demonstrations in a step by step format helping you to build with confidence and assurance.
Together with these videos there is a list of all the materials, tools and plans that you will need to make this essential jig and solera mould.


What they say about the course?

This online video course is far superior to the YouTube videos I have watched before, as it ties everything together. The course is so comprehensive, making it impossible not to do it right! The detail is superb enabling me to understand the whole process from start to finish.
Nicholas Economou
The quality and detail of the segments that I have watched are excellent. I am happy to say that your course is beautifully done. Already it has provided helpful information as it relates to the building of my own guitar.
Thomas Brown
I have watched all the videos - they are very addictive videos, in my modest opinion they are unbelievable, giving perfect explanation. I was very curious to watch the videos about fingerboard, bridge, nut, saddle - all are masterpieces. Everything is covered in details and beyond - these videos could be a guitar building Bible for everyone!
Alex Stakic
This guitar making series takes you from the very beginning, selecting the wood to the final guitar. The videos are clear and precise and allow you to develop the techniques you need to get a great result at your own pace. Pablo teaches with enthusiasm and patience from many years of running his own courses in his workshop in Spain. We have all been waiting a long time for this video programme to come out and I really recommend it if you are serious about making a great guitar. This is suitable for the absolute beginner and the more experienced.
John McInerney
In April 2018, I attended a one month guitar building course with luthier Pablo Requena in Malaga. During that time, I built a very good and nice looking Spanish guitar. I also took a lot of notes and photos, since I planned to go home and build more guitars. After having set up my own shop and built several important jigs, I realised that I did not remember all the important details. When Pablo, this year invited me to see his online course, I was very exited. Now I had all the missing details and great instructions. What I like with Pablo’s course, is that he takes time and calmly explains everything. He also does most of the work in real time. That makes the video longer, but it also teaches you what it takes to build a guitar. 
Ole J. Utnes

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