Complete Course – How to Make a Classical Guitar from Scratch


Below you will find details about the content of each video and you will notice that they are not arranged to make each component individually. Instead the chapters are put in the order I follow to be able to work continuously without having to wait in-between jobs, due to gluing certain components.

Each video is clearly titled, allowing you the opportunity to choose the relevant chapter in the event that you wish to work on individual components from start to finish.

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Content Details

Video 1 - Selecting the Timbers

Video 2 - Making the Neck (Part 1)

Video 3 - Making the Rosette (Part 1)

Video 4 - Making the Neck (Part 2)

Video 5 - Making the Soundboard (Part 1)

Video 6 - Making the Neck (Part 3)

Video 7 - Making the Neck (Part 4)

Video 8 - Making the Rosette (Part 2)

Video 9 - The Sides

Video 10 - The Back (Part 1)

Video 11 - The Soundboard (Part 2)

Video 12 - The Soundboard (Part 3)

Video 13 - The Back (Part 2)

Video 14 - The Soundboard (Part 4)

Video 15 - The Back (Part 3)

Video 16 - Internal Components (Part 1)

Video 17 - Internal Components (Part 2)

Video 18 - Assembling the Guitar (Part 1)

Video 19 - Assembling the Guitar (Part 2)

Video 20 - The Bindings (Part 1)

Video 21 - The Bindings (Part 2)

Video 22 - The Fingerboard

Video 23 - The Bridge

Video 24 - The Frets

Video 25 - Carving the Neck

Video 26 - The Nut, Saddle, Set Up and Stringing Up

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