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How to Make a Classical Guitar from Scratch

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How to Make a Classical Guitar from Scratch

A great part of my development as a guitar maker has been through teaching, where I have learnt and continue to learn a great deal. I find great joy in passing on the knowledge I have acquired over many years to students who are equally passionate about guitar building.

I have been teaching guitar making courses for many years both in the UK and in Spain and after residing in the UK for 20 years I’m back in my hometown of Malaga.

For a long time I have been wanting to find a format that could capture my ideas about guitar making and found that video is an excellent way to do this. This platform makes the guitar making process accessible to more people than I could possibly teach in my workshop here in Spain.

This website will give you access to the online guitar making course, making the individual chapters or the whole course available on your computer and other devices. Which means you can build your own classical guitar in your own workshop at your own convenience.

In this series of videos you will find a detailed instruction of the complete process. A total of 40 hours of footage will allow you to see first hand how I build a classical guitar with detailed explanations of every single job needed with no step overlooked. The end result will be a dream guitar that you have built by yourself starting from the raw materials all the way through to putting the strings on. The course does not include the polishing process as this requires a different skill set and there are a few different options you can use for polishing.

However, on my YouTube Channel there is a 9 part free video series explaining everything you need to know about French polishing.

As a young man I struggled to find a guitar maker to teach me this craft. I went from shop to shop asking for insight and tips but was shown to the door. It became clear to me that this was considered a secret art. This on-line course reveals that there are no secrets to this art, only the need to have a strong desire to complete the task and my passion is to make it accessible to anyone who wants to have a go.

I wanted to make the course available so that as many people as possible can fulfil their dream of building their own guitar. But not just any guitar, I would like for them to build a great guitar! This course reveals that when you pay attention to detail from the word go, you end up with an outstanding result at the end. The course offers an opportunity to enjoy the process and discover new learning and skills along the way. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience building guitars, this course will be a great resource for you to achieve the high standards of guitar making.

How to buy the course

The course is made up of 26 chapters which you can purchase individually or as a complete course. Video number 4 is available for free, giving you an opportunity to check out the style, quality and detailed teaching, enabling you to decide if this is the right course for you.

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