Chapter 14 – The Soundboard (Part 4)


In this series of videos you will find a detailed instruction of the complete guitar making process. A total of 41 hours of footage will allow you to see first hand how I build a classical guitar with detailed explanations of every single job needed with no step overlooked. The end result will be a dream guitar that you have built by yourself starting from the raw materials all the way through to putting the strings on. 

The course does not include the polishing process as this requires a different skill set and there are a few different options you can use for polishing. However, on my YouTube Channel there is a 9 part free video series explaining everything you need to know about French polishing.

This course can be streamed making the individual chapters or the whole course available on your computer and other devices so that you can build your own classical guitar in your own workshop at your own convenience!!



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Video 14 - The Soundboard (Part 4)

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